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Services and Fee Schedule

​Extraordinary Solutions Group, Inc. is pleased to submit our fee schedule to ABC Company Inc. for calendar year 2017-2018.

Direct Hire or Contingency Placement

Extraordinary Solutions Group, Inc.’s Direct Hire Placement Fee for all domestic positions is equal to twenty-five (25%) of the candidate’s compensation for the first twelve (12) months of employment.  The fee is based on base salary only, not sign on bonuses, commission schedules, incentive plans, or stock options.

International placements will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The guarantee is ninety (90) days.

If the candidate is terminated within the first ninety (90) days of employment due to performance or conduct, Extraordinary Solutions Group, Inc. will replace the candidate at no extra charge. Replacements are not granted due to company downsizing and/or restructuring.

Fees will be invoiced ONE (1) day prior to the first day of employment and are due fifteen (15) days from the start of employment to enforce the guarantee. 

Contract and Contract-to Hire Fee’s / Discounts

Our contract services division specializes in contract and contract-to-hire placement of IT, Intelligence Analysis, Business Operations, Accounting, Finance, and Administrative professionals at all levels. The bill rate for all contract positions ranges from a pay rate x 1.5 or in other words, a 50% mark-up - and higher.

The conversion fee for contract to hire will be based on the twenty-five (25%) permanent placement fee less a discount based on total number of hours worked by the applicant. Extraordinary Solutions Group, Inc. has a 1040-hour liquidation period before a candidate can be taken direct hire by ABC Company Inc. without paying a conversion fee. If the candidate is taken before 1040 hours, the discounts below will apply.

000 – 250 Hours Worked                               0%                Discount on Direct Hire Fee

251 – 500                                                          25%                Discount

501 – 750                                                          50%                Discount

751 – 1040                                                        75%                Discount

1040+                                                               100%               Discount

(The above referenced rate/percentages are negotiable)

There is no guarantee for Contract-to-Hire Candidates.

Payroll and billing for all contract employees will be executed by a third party and all payments will be sent to them directly.

Hourly Recruiting Consulting: Virtual Full Life-cycle Recruiting Support

Extraordinary Solutions Group is offering an Hourly Bill Rate for a contract recruiter of $ _____.00 per regular hour (up to 40 hours per week) and $____.00 per over-time hour.

Above rate is for full life cycle recruitment of potential candidates, virtual sourcing and screening potential candidates.

Time cards and invoices will be submitted to client on a weekly basis for client approval and payment.

In addition to paper checks, Extraordinary Solutions Group can also accept electronic payments.

Virtual Sourcing & Screening-Only candidates 

Hourly Bill Rate for a contract recruiter is $____.00 per regular hour (up to 40 hours per week) and $____.00 per over-time hour.

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ABC Company Inc.







*ESG is also interested Sub-Contracting opportunities.   We are honored to do business with you.